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Organic Full Strength Coffees:

$13.05 - $14.50 / lb.


Organic SWP Decaf

$14.85 - $16.50 / lb



Cowboy Label Organic Beans

Easy Rider, Let'em Buck

and Campfire Blend


Custom Blends

You Choose: Regular, Decaf

or Caffeine / Decaf Mix


Order 10 lbs. and receive 10% off


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Storage &

Buying Organic Coffee

We recommend that you refrigerate your coffee in a wonderful container for daily use and refrigerate or freeze your bulk coffee. If you would prefer, we can put you on a coffee schedule so that you will receive coffee automatically. You know better than anyone what your organic coffee requirements are.

I receive 5 lbs. of "Tessa's Favorite" every six weeks.

Grinding Choices
Percolator,   Drip, Toddy, Turkish or Espresso ~  Choose when ordering.  

 Why Organic Coffee ?
Tessa's Coffee is Certified Organic

.....Our Organic Coffee is Certified 100% Organically Grown and Processed in accordance with Oregon Tilth Certified Organic standards and the California Organic Food Act of 1990. Not much coffee is grown in the United States. Coffee is grown in many parts of the world with no regulations on use of chemical pesticides and herbicides, like DDT, for the food products. .
....As the coffee bean grows it absorbs the residue of the pesticide and stores it in the oil of the bean. When the bean is heated, as in roasting and brewing, the pesticides are released. There is one way that I recommend to handle this situation. Use Organic Coffee.