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Custom Roasted Coffees Available In Bulk Five Pound Bags Only

Fresh Roasted to Order
All roasts and blends are fresh roasted to order and available in regular or decaf. The Swiss Water Decaffeinating Process is a certified organic process using Tessa's Organic Coffee beans. Decaffeinated beans roast slightly darker than regular beans. The taste of decaf and regular beans is the same.

The Best Beans ~ The Best Fresh Coffee
Most coffee drinkers are not aware that Europeans buy a higher grade of coffee than Americans do. European grade coffee beans cost more and have half the defects (2% vs. 4%) of American grade beans. A defective bean is off-color, sour, broken or the wrong size. Bad beans burn faster than the rest of the batch, producing a bitter taste. Coffee connoisseurs agree that European grade coffee has a richer, smoother taste, with no bitter bite.

There are two main varieties of coffee trees, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans are more flavorful and contain less caffeine than Robusta. The best flavored Arabica beans come from the highest altitudes (3,000 feet up to the frost zone). Tessa's Organic Coffee imports only European grade, certified organic, high altitude ("altura"), Arabica beans grown by indigenous farmers, producing the best cup of coffee around.

Taste Descriptions

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Coffee Taste Descriptions

Central America
Mexican Chiapas ISMAM
is a medium body and gentle acidity with a cocoa-ey taste.

Costa Rican is beautifully textured, this gives you a silky tanginess and a bright, even cup.

Guatemalan is a wonderfully complex, big and balanced, rich in subtle spice and coffee depth.

Nicaraguan has an extraordinary aroma with full toned acidity softened by fruity flavor, resonant and richly dimensioned, with a sweet, full, almost sugary finish complicated by hints of dry chocolate or tobacco.

el Salvador ~ the aroma is round, sweet and rich and (quite literally) buttery with hints of fruity cocoa.

South America
is a lively and flavorful with nice aroma and a soft, medium body.

Colombian is tremendous all around. this gives all the richness for which Columbia is famous.

Brazil is a gently acidic coffee, with a melodic sweetness and delicate complexity.

Sumatra Gayo Mountain
is very full bodied and flavorful. truly deep and wonderful. Our lowest acid coffee, this bean is ripened and dried on the tree. For lowest acid ask for Dark French Roast.

Paupa New Guinea is full bodied and full flavored ~ a delight in Dark and French Roast. When we have it indulge!

Ethiopia a bean that we offer seasonally. The first bean know to man. It is full bodied, a gently acidic coffee with the essence of Africa.


French is the darkest roast available, with oily beans that are almost black, but not burned. It is very rich tasting with a smoky finish. French roast has less caffeine and a lower acid content.

Italian is rich and dark in flavor with a bold, complete taste. We sell a lot of this in every bean.

Espresso is the class of roasts that has brought oil to the surface of the bean, with a sheen of oil and a clean, fruity taste. If you like your coffee strong one cup at a time try this. A fine grind will do the trick.

Medium roast brings to life the most elegant flavors of the beans. Get to know your beans through this roast.














Organic Bean / Roast Choices

coffee beans blended *** and the roast available

Papua New Guinea - Medium / Dark
Guatemalan -
Medium / Dark
Nicaraguan -
Medium / Dark
Brazil -
Medium / Dark
Sumatran Gayo Mountain -
Medium / Dark
Costa Rican -
Medium / Dark
Peruvian -
Medium / Dark / French
Colombian -
Medium / Dark / Italian / French
Mexican -
Medium / Dark or Espresso / Italian / French
Organic Blends / Roast Choices

coffee beans blended *** and the roast available
Mambo - Mexican, Peruvian & Guatemalan -
Tango - Mexican - Italian & French Roast -
Medium and French mix
Viennese - Mexican - 3/4 Espresso and 1/4 French Roast -
Medium and French mix
Tessa's Favorite - Mexican - 3/4 French Roast and 1/4 Espresso -
Dark and French mix
Organic SWP Decaffeinated Coffees / Roast Choices

coffee beans blended *** and the roast available
Sumatran Gayo Mountain - Medium / Dark
Guatemalan -
Medium / Dark
Peruvian -
Medium / Dark / French
Mexican -
Medium / Dark / Espresso / Italian / French















Roast / Bean Choice

French Roast - The darkest Roast
Mexican, Colombian

Espresso Roast - A Dark Roast lighter than French Roast
and Darker than Italian Roast - Mexican

Italian Roast - A Very Dark Roast - Mexican

Dark Roast - A Good Dark Roast
Mexican, Guatemalan, Nicaraguan, Costa Rican,
Brazil, Peruvian, Colombian, Sumatran Gayo Mountain

Medium Roast - A Good Medium Roast
Mexican, Guatemalan, Nicaraguan, Costa Rican,
Brazil, Peruvian, Colombian, Sumatran Gayo Mountain