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There is truly nothing like a really good cup of Organic Coffee

Drip Coffee Makers and Percolators:

Grind: Medium-Fine Brew: Approx. 14 seconds
2 tablespoons ground coffee per 8 oz cup Time:Varies per machine

Toddy Cold Water Process:

Grind: Coarse
4 cup of Tessa's Organic ground coffee and top off the toddy maker
Brew: 8 hours or overnight. Refrigerate Concentrate.

4 cups of coarsely ground Tessa's Organic coffee to one tub of water. Let stand overnight or for 8 hours. Drain the coffee and refrigerate. To make a cup of the smoothest coffee around add a jigger of coffee to a cup of boiling hot water. Adjust to your own taste. I like it pretty strong. Toddy brew is also wonderful for iced coffee. Rinse filter and store in refrigerator, this way it will not mildew in a warmer climate. (Filters can be machine washed ) Instructions are included.

Cowboy Camp Coffee:

Grind: Drip or Coarse:
1 cup of Tessa's Organic ground coffee and 8-10 cups of cold water until coffee boils
Brew: High Altitiudes 10-20 minutes, Lower Altitiudes 5-10 minutes.

Place Tessa's Organic Coffee and cold water in a enameled coffee pot. Place over the fire or grill until the coffee comes to a boil. When the coffee comes to a boil remove from heat and add one cup of cold water to settle the grounds.
One really good tip that I learned along the way is to rub dish soap the outside of the coffee pot before you put it over an open fire. When it is time for clean up all of the carbon will simply wash off. This also works with other cooking pots. I am an advocate of a clean camp and fresh brewed coffee.
There are some tales of cattlemen adding egg shells to the coffee, or never disposing of the grounds, just adding coffee to each new batch until one only had mud and some such nonsense. In all of my camp cooking years I have never found these techniques to be helpful to settle the ground or to add to the flavor of the coffee. I rinse the pot clean with fresh water between brews and never reheat a cold brew for consumption.

Espresso: the Bean vs the Brewing process:

Grind: Powder Fine
Follow Espresso Machine Instructions

One can brew espresso with any bean or roast of coffee. We offer an espresso roast, but it is possible to choose another bean for example Sumatran Gayo Mountain, a low acid coffee. It is helpful to have your beans ground for a espresso machine for ease of use. Follow the directions from your machine.

If you don't have an espresso machine try a very strong mix of the Toddy Concentrate and a bit of boiling water.

French Press

Grind: Coarse-Medium Amount: 2 tablespoons ground coffee per 8 oz cup
Brew: 4-5 minutes


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   Toddy Cold Water Process System

A cold water brewing system that makes a liquid concentrate

The Toddy Cold Water Process System has several benefits. It does not heat the oil from the bean, so there is less acid in your coffee. The acid is in the oil, and when there is less oil there is less acid. Acid is what causes the jitters. I have always thought that the caffeine caused the jitters, but I am told that this is not the case. I have tested it out on my art work. So there you have it . . . my full opinion.

Toddy Cold Water Process Use Instructions


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