Swiss Water Processed Decaf Coffees

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Italian Roast SWP Decaf
What more can I say
Alla Salute!

$17.50 / 1 lb: Order

French Roast SWP Decaf ~ Our best seller
A great every day wake up brew
that you can depend on

$17.50 / 1 lb: Order


Espresso SWP Decaf

It is not the grind, it is the roast
not quite dark roast, but nearly

$17.50 / 1 lb: Order

Mexican Chiapas SWP Decaf
grown in the Sierra Madre at
high altitudes of 4800 to 5400 feet

Medium or Dark Roast

$17.50 / 1 lb: Order
Yellowstone Blend SWP Decaf
Just think Inspiration Point
Medium Dark Roast
$17.50 / lb: Order

“House Blend” SWP Decaf
Everything you like
in one blend?

Dark Roast

$17.50 / 1 lb: Order

Breakfast Blend SWP Decaf
"my new favorite"

Dark Roast.

$17.50 / 1 lb: Order

"Easy Rider"

From our Cowboy Beans

1/2 Regular and 1/2 SWP Decaf

French Roast

$17.50 / 1 lb: Order

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Two SWP Decaf Bean choices

5 lbs of each $157.50


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5 -SWP Decaffeinated Coffee Samples

$17.50 / 1 lb: Order

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Mix up the Caffeine and SWP Decaf

Custom order
You choose the bean,
the roast, and the caffeine level.

This is as good as it gets.

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Colombian SWP Decaf ~ Gold Star
A head turner for coffee aficionados.

Medium of Dark Roast

$17.50 / 1 lb: Order Out of Stock
Guatemalan SWP Decaf
As rich as the textures of jungle
as flavorful as the textiles
Medium Roast

$17.50 / 1 lb: Order Out of Stock


Peru SWP Decaf
If you have traveled to Peru
close your eyes, it will all come back

Medium Roast

$17.50 / 1 lb: Order Out of Stock

Sumatran SWP Decaf
ripened on the tree ~a rich fruity flavor.
For the Health Conscious ~ low acid
a Best seller

Medium or Dark Roast

$17.50 / 1 lb: Order Out of Stock

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Our 1 lb. bags contain 16 oz. of Fresh Organic Coffee