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Your Colombian coffee is my lifeline at 6:30 A.M. Jill, Ohio


We love your coffees. You always remember to give me 10% off when I order 10 lbs. How do you do this? Your customer service is so refreshing.
Tom, Wisconsin


Please ship my order to my cabin address in Montana, I can't spend the holiday without great coffee. We love your coffee. Ted, Texas and Montana

And THANKS even more emphatically / boldly for the buckin' hoss java. Had vowed in caffeinated hemoglobin to seek out something that thrilled my palate each day with the first oh-dark-thirty sip. BINGO! Ask the Universe and you shall receive. PERFECT! I LOVE this elixir of the Roughstock Goddesses. Paul, Montana

Coffee the way it should be. We got the package yesterday and just opened it up about an hour ago. Made a pot of decaf and--Damn!!! One word--Delicious.
Best, Joe - Tennessee

Please duplicate our last order again, Your beans are the BEST! Thanks!
Bill - Colorado

This is how it is: I run out of coffee, I stop for a cup of "good" coffee on my way to work, it cost me about $4.50 and 15 minutes and YUCK. I have got to get my coffee scene under control. Put me on your Direct Shipment Plan. I love your coffee. Jane, Chicago


Tessa, you're the best. I am loving the low acid Sumatra and my wife
commented how much she liked the "new" espresso. ..... I have tried several online coffee producers and I am so pleased to have finally met you. Mike, California


Just wanted to let you know I am
Truely enjoying my coffee .
Thanks for making my life a little
More happy.now all I need is a box of
Recchiuti Chocolates or Debauve & Gallais.
Have a wonderful Day
Your Patron
Mahdi of Gainesville,Fl


If I am offered coffee not as good as yours ~~~~~~~~ I pass. I have become a coffee snob, as bad as that sounds, it is true. Send me another batch of Let'em Buck. Jim from Bozeman


Tessa's organic Sumatran coffee is really delicious and has a smooth taste; it is never bitter. I know that I am drinking herbicide and chemical free coffee. I buy the organic Decaf Sumatran. The Sumatran coffee is not bitter because the beans ripen on the tree. I own a Kuerig coffee machine and I use the MY K CUP with the coarse Toddy grind (coarse) it works perfect and costs me approximately only 33 cents a cup!! And no worry about the plastic cups for the environment. Tessa's is also very friendly and prompt in their service. Barbara, Arizona

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