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Welcome: Here are a few frequently asked Questions and Answers

Q: What are you paying for your organic coffee beans?

Our prices are $14.50/ pound for Regular Organic and $16.50/ pound for SWP Decaf

If you buy 5 lbs. you get 5% off and if you buy 10 lbs. you get 10% off.


Q: Are you comparing OUR prices to Smaller bags?

A: If you see 12 oz coffee bag selling for $12.95 it is really selling for $17.28/ pound (16 oz).

If you are paying $10.95 for a 12 ounce bag of coffee, you are actually paying $14.56 / pound

Example: $10.95 ÷ 12 = 91¢ per ounce. Multiply 91¢ by 16 ounces (1 Pound ) = $14.56

If you are paying $11.00 for 10 oz. it is really $17.60/ pound.

If you are paying $13.00 for 12 oz. it is really $17.28/ pound.

Q: Is paying freight killing the deal? Remember that our coffee is roasted fresh for you. It does not sit on a shelf somewhere stockpiled and waiting for a deal to be made.

A: We did the math for you.

Organic Coffees $10.80/ pound:
Five pounds shipped by USPS Priority Flat rate: $16.45 / pound delivered.
$72.50 less 5% = 68.87 + $13.45 shipping = $82.32

Eight pounds shipped by USPS Priority Flat rate: $16.12 / pound delivered.
$116.00 less 5% = 110.20 + $18.75 shipping = $128.95

10 pounds your get 10% off. Order 2- 5 pound bags or 10 - 1 lb. bags
Ten pounds delivered by UPS approximately 18.00.
$145.00 less 10% = 130.50 plus freight $22.00 =152.50 $15.25/ pound delivered

Ask about choosing the best freight charges: beans@FreshOrganicCoffee.com
Put the coffee in the freezer, or share with a friend. The 10% offsets the freight charges.


Q: Do you do custom blends?

A: Yes, custom blends, mixed caffeine blends and "your blend" Here is the Link


Q: Why does the 10% discount not show up in the shopping cart?

A: 10% comes off of any order of 10 pounds of a single coffee in our shopping cart. In order to insure that you get the best price for organic coffee. If you want a variety of coffees adding up to 10 lbs. or more E-mail us with your address and phone number along with your list of requested coffees. We will we make the adjustments in-house and then call you for your CC number. beans@FreshOrganicCoffee.com


Q: When were your beans roasted?

A: Tessa's Organic Coffee beans are roasted the day they are ordered and shipped to you. No sitting on a shelf for our beans!


Q: Who buys Tessa's Organic Coffee and how do they buy?

A: We ship everywhere in the US. Our longtime coffee customers order at lease 5 pounds. Coffee is a fruit it is best stored in a cool place, the refrigerator or freezer.


Q: Where is your Coffee Shop?

A: We are not a coffee shop, we are coffee brokers. We get our coffee beans from certified organic coffee plantations around the world. Our retail coffee beans are roasted by 5th Generation Costa Rican coffee roasters. Our Swiss Water Process Decaf coffee is a cold water process, chemical and pesticide free. Our coffees are not stock or shelved anywhere. All orders are custom roasted and shipped to our customers.


Q: Why invest in organic coffee?

A: For your health. Coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed plants with pesticides around the world ~ pesticides that are not legal in the US ~ but they are in other countries.


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More Questions: beans@FreshOrganicCoffee.com

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Q: Returns?

A: We do not accept return based on preference. Order a sample ~ check us out.


Order 10 lbs. and receive 10% off

Storage &

Buying Organic Coffee

We recommend that you refrigerate your coffee in a wonderful container for daily use and refrigerate or freeze your bulk coffee. If you would prefer, we can put you on a coffee schedule so that you will receive coffee automatically. You know better than anyone what your organic coffee requirements are.

I receive 5 lbs. of "Tessa's Favorite" every six weeks.

Grinding Choices
Percolator,   Drip, Toddy, Turkish or Espresso ~  Choose when ordering.  

 Why Organic Coffee ?
Tessa's Coffee is Certified Organic

.....Our Organic Coffee is Certified 100% Organically Grown and Processed in accordance with Oregon Tilth Certified Organic standards and the California Organic Food Act of 1990. Not much coffee is grown in the United States. Coffee is grown in many parts of the world with no regulations on use of chemical pesticides and herbicides, like DDT, for the food products. .
....As the coffee bean grows it absorbs the residue of the pesticide and stores it in the oil of the bean. When the bean is heated, as in roasting and brewing, the pesticides are released. There is one way that I recommend to handle this situation. Use Organic Coffee.